April 2009

Thoughts on Auto ISO

I'm often asked by workshop participants about Auto ISO. Frankly I've had an up and down relationship to it. When the feature first came out it was much too limited for serious use. So after a little experimenting I wrote it off. But then

Cradoc Announces fotoQuote Pro 6

Anyone who licenses images for stock is short-changing themselves if they don't have fotoQuote Pro for quick and reliable industry benchmark pricing for images based on usage. Now Version 6 is coming out and looks to be better than ever

The full announcement with a discount offer for upgrading customers:
FotoQuote Pro 6, our biggest upgrade ever, is finished and ready for you to order.

Need another Monitor on your Computer?

Are you tired of struggling with the VGA or HDMI output port on your laptop? Or do you just wish your desktop supported an additional monitor but don't have another slot or aren't interested in ripping the machine apart to add another display?

Nikon 10-24mm DX lens with AF-S, close focus Launched

Nikon has many loyal fans of the 12-24mm DX wide-angle lens, but not content to rest on their laurels they've introduced a slightly faster (f3.5-f4.5) and slightly wider rang (10mm-24mm) DX lens for about the same price ($900). Early returns claim that the image quality is at least as good. Check out the Nikon press release.

Nikon D5000 low cost D-SLR with HD Video shipping Monday April 27

Nikon's D5000, announced a few weeks ago, is slated to begin shipments next week. The breakthrough 12MP D-SLR features video like its big brother the D90 (it has (720p HD video) but has added a moveable LCD for improved convenience shooting video and will be available for almost $200 less--at an estimated $730.

Twigs for your Bird Feeder--Backyard Tip

I have a pretty good supply of tips and tricks for backyard photography, but was blown away by one incredibly simple idea that Larry Jay and David Langford have implemented for their feeders at the Block Creek Natural Area in the Hill Country where I have been shooting and scouting for the last couple days.

Goldfinch on Twig Perch

Hummingbird Photography in your Yard -- Simple Secrets

Millions of Americans have hummingbird feeders. Many of them love to photograph birds but are frustrated by trying to catch the seemingly random flight of their hummingbirds. If you're one of them you've probably seen the ads for hummingbird photo workshops where they set up thousands of dollar worth of lighting gear to build a mini-studio around the birds. That's all well and good but the truth is you can go a long way with your own yard and your own feeder with just a few simple steps.

Black-chinned Hummingbirds at Feeder

Pyrrhuloxia from South Texas Photo Safari