September 2009

Lowepro Pro Roller X200: The Most Versatile Camera Bag Ever?

As a travel and wildlife photographer I find myself on all different sizes of planes with a wide variety of gear. I’ve always enjoyed working with Lowepro rollers for trips where I needed the convenience of a wheeled bag, but have been blown away by the versatility of the new .

Bags Loaded Ready for Travel

My bags packed for a photo safari. I typically don't take all three rollers, but use either the X200 and the mini-roller when I'm weight constrained or the X200 and my older roller when I need to bring a lot of extra loaner gear for participants.

Windows 7 Discounted for those who missed the Early Bird Specials

PC Magazine ran an interesting article today about's discounted pricing for Windows 7 OEM. The article suggests that users not requiring Microsoft's support options (okay, don't laugh as you say "what support") could simply purchase the OEM version of Windows 7 at prices up to 50% less than the retail price and install it themselves.

Customize your Color: 20 Minutes to Better Prints with Spyder3 Print SR

[amazon B002N2Z332 full]For many years I've struggled with a good way to review printer profiling solutions. Fully featured solutions cost thousands of dollars so they were always hard to recommend and lower cost solutions required so much time, effort and tweaking that they were only suitable for truly hard-core users...


Making Lemonade out of Lemons: A Kite Fight

[img_assist|nid=329|title=Bi_BkSKte_1049.jpg|desc=|link=popup|align=left|width=0|height=0]Twice in the last 20 years an irruption of rodents has caused an explosion in the number of raptors hunting in Half Moon Bay near my house. The result is an amazing photographic opportunity.

Spyder3 Print Help System

Datacolor EZ Target

Epson Wide-format Printer Great Deal: Epson 4880 for $900!

(EDIT September, 2010: There is now just the $500 rebate active.)