November 2009

Tack Sharp: A Tale of Three Images

 On every photo safari the second most common question (just after "what ISO are you using?") is "do you think this image is sharp?" To paraphrase an old saw, "If you have to ask, ..." But seriously, evaluating sharpness is a big part of assessing the quality of your images, so we'll take a closer look at it in this post...

s3 -- Adult Male Lion Portrait -- Tack Sharp

s1 -- Lion Cub on Termite Mound -- Sharp

African Wild Dog Image: Art Imitating Art

While not part of the famous "big 5" of African mammals, pound for pound African Wild Dogs (also called African Painted Wolves) are some of the most exciting animals you can still see in the wild. Highly social the packs can provide hours of entertainment for those lucky enough to find some of the very endangered animals...

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