December 2009

Bibble Pro 5 Announced & Shipping: Faster Raw Processing

Bibble Labs is shipping its updated flagship Bibble Pro 5. Faster than ever Bibble is the speed king of raw file processors. The newest version now has selective non-destructive editing added to its arsenal, clearly an attempt to broaden its capabilities to match up with Adobe Lightroom. It can be downloaded from Bibble Labs and is a free upgrade to recent Bibble licensees, or $99 for those with older licenses. A full version is $199. The full details follow...

Original Gray Hooded Kingfisher Image

Point & Click Photoshop made even Easier: nik Releases Viveza 2.0 Upgrade

When I first saw Viveza I wasn't sure why I needed it. After a decade of using layers & layer masks for image enhancement learning how to use U-Points instead seemed un-necessary. But once I started using Smart Objects more often in Photoshop I wanted a Smart Filter plug-in to allow me to do image adjustments while retaining all the power of Smart Objects. Viveza fit the bill perfectly. And to my surprise I found that I got quite quick with U-Points and they worked out very well.

PhotoAcute Studio 2.89 Update Released

PhotoAcute has released PhotoAcute Studio 2.89 which includes better alignment of exposure bracketed images (like those used to create HDR images) with moving objects or varying illumination. It also features some new profiles (listed below) and some other fixes. It is a free download for current users.
Complete list of changes in version 2.89:
- Better blending of HDR images of scenes with moving objects and varying illumination;

Year End Discounts on Popular Nikon 70-300mm VR and 18-200mm VR II lenses

Nikon has put in place an "instant savings" campaign for great values on two of their most popular new lenses, the "must have" 18-200mm VR II version--a great upgrade to the original whose only downside is the increased cost, and the new VR version of their small and very sharp 70-300mm lens. The catch is that you get the $200-$250 discount only when you purchase a new D-SLR...

Yellow-billed Kite with Stolen Meat

Beyond the Spotting Scope: Digital Cameras for Bird Photographers

Beyond the Spotting Scope: Digital Cameras for Bird Photographers: More and more birders are becoming interested in photography. To go beyond the limitations of digiscoping (limited low light capability, tricky auto-focus, limited panning or ability to capture action, etc.) requires a fairly serious investment in a camera body and lenses. In this section of our exclusive GearGuide we'll cover tips for what to look for in a camera body or you can just skip to notes on specific models.

Photodex Updates ProShow Producer to Include Facebook, Twitter Integration, Performance

Photodex has released Producer 4.1 (free to current licensees of Producer) including built-in Facebook and Twitter integration (automatically upload your shows to Facebook and/or announce your uploads on Twitter. They've also improved performance, fixed a lot of bugs and improved the interface to slide styles. You can download it now, or read the full set of improvements...
What’s New in ProShow Producer 4.1?
Integrated Facebook & Vimeo Support

Nikon Updates Excellent 300mm f/2.8 lens and TC-20E

Nikon has updated the already excellent 300mm f/2.8 AF-S lens with VR II (enhanced VR) and a Nano Crystal coat for reduced glare, and the least favored sibling of the Nikon TC family the TC-20E III...