January 2010

Local Flower Arrangement

Tent Interior from our African Photo Safari

Okavango Delta at Sunrise

Organic Lavendar Farm Harvesting their Crop

Okavango Delta at Sunrise

Nikon Updates Software with Windows 7 Versions, Bug Fixes

Nikon released minor updates for many of its software packages today, including: View NX 1.5.3, Nikon Transfer 1.5.3 (Windows) / 1.5.2 ( Macintosh), WT-4 Setup Utility   1.1.4, Thumbnail Selector  1.1.4, WT-4 Camera Control Utility for 64-bit OS (v.1.1.4 Windows only). View NX and Nikon Transfer primarily add support for both Windows 7 and Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6.x), but there have also been several bug fixes, and a few added features as well...
The WT-4 Setup Utility and Thumbnail Selector add Wireless Transmitter support for the D3S, Mac OS 10.5.8 (Leopard), and Windows 7.

A Sad Day for Photography?

Today Nikon gave away $125,000 in prizes to two lucky contest winners. Awesome, right? The grand prize of $100,000 is one of the largest prizes for a single winner I've every heard of. Long live photography. Except that the winning entries weren't photographs...That's right. This was a video contest. Promoting short (140 second) videos Nikon gave away more money than is handed out in the entire BBC World Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest to two winners. Now it's great anytime art is honored and the winner is an aspiring film-maker so this will certainly get him started.

How Lucky Are You?

We all know that wildlife photography relies heavily on luck. No matter how much skill we put into "making our own luck" by being in the right place with the right gear and being ready the wildlife has to cooperate. That's what makes it so exciting and makes the results so special.

Male Impala Leaping