February 2010

Fun with Flashlights

The great weather in Death Valley last week brought out lots of tourists and made getting into dinner a tough proposition. So with an hour to spend before we'd be seated there wasn't enough time to go back and look at images, so my daughter Annie and I decided to have some fun with our flashlights and the old Twenty-mule team Borax wagon out in front of the Furnace Creek Ranch. If you've never done it before there is almost no limit to the fun you can have with a flashlight or two (or your flash units) and just about any subject you can light up...The idea is really simple.

Making a Great Promotional Banner – Step by Step

I’m in no way a graphics designer, but as a photographer and safari leader I spend time and money promoting my work and my trips. From time to time I have an opportunity to feature a large display banner. Next week at the NANPA Summit our partners Journeys Unforgettable will be sharing a booth with B&H and featuring our joint trips. So it was time for a quick banner.

Canon Ups the Entry-Level D-SLR Ante with 18MP Rebel T2i Featuring Full 1080p HD Video for $799 MSRP

Canon has once again raised the bar for entry level Digital SLRs (D-SLRs) by bringing many of the features found in its mid-range 7D model down into a new entry level Rebel--the EOS Digital Rebel T2i. In addition to the 7D's 18MP sensor (with improved low light performance up to ISO 6400 and lower noise compared to the other Rebels) it features a faster frame rate than the T1i (3.7fps) and takes the new SDXC storage cards. Video buffs will appreciate not just the 1080p HD capability but the external microphone jack for quality audio. The full feature list includes:

Canon EOS Digital Rebel T2i Product Shot

Nikon brings VR to its Wide-Angle Zooms with a new 16-35mm f/4 AF-S VR, also new ultra-fast 24mm f/1.4

One missing link in Nikon's Pro lens line has been the lack of VR on the mid-range and wide-angle zoom lenses. Certainly VR is not as important on these lenses as on longer focal lengths, but there are many conditions where hand-holding is the only option and a low shutter speed is the best option. Now with the new 16-35mm f/4 AF-S VR Nikon has addressed the shortcoming...The lens features include:

Photo Tip: An Ode To Feet

Okay, so you've remembered to plan out your background, the light is right and your hoped for bird has just landed right in front of you. You wait until the right instant as it glanced at you and the light shines into its eye. Click and you're done. Right? Well not quite. There's something not quite right when you look at the image. You forgot the feet. Sure, it's happened to all of us countless times. And sometimes you can't work around it.

Female Leopard Examining our Safari Truck

Bobwhite Caught Mid-step

Dickcissel Looking but with Feet Hidden