November 2010

Turning a Landscape into a Portrait: When a Person Makes the Picture

IMG_0032This morning the five of us who were in Siem Reap early for my Cambodia and Burma photo safari decided to get a head start with a sunrise shoot at one of the royal reservoirs.

Shooting an Indoor Event? Some Tips on How to Do It Right

I've posted an article on my blog over at B&H with some key tips on shooting indoor events. Enjoy and let us know your favorite tips as well.--David

Monster power: Lithium-ion batteries start to take on the big stuff

ALMOST every portable device that uses electricity has benefited from the development of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. They hold more charge in a lighter package (lithium is the lightest metal) and they have boosted the performance of mobile phones battery , laptop battery, cameras battery and drill battery, and made electric cars and even small electric aircraft practical. But there are some drawbacks.

Feeling Old: Death of the Viewfinder?

It seemed like high time to replace my venerable Canon SD770IS pocket camera so I went shopping among the latest crop of insanely amazing point and shoots. I really wanted three things: HD Video, Great low-light performance and my beloved optical viewfinder—all in a package that can fit in my shirt pocket, limiting the camera to about 4” x 2” x 1” and about 5 ounces (like the Canon SD series). I started my search with the amazing new , but seeing no optical viewfinder I kept looking. Raw capture is a big plus so I was instantly drawn to the . However with slowly growing concern as I trolled through the latest models from Nikon, Canon, then Fuji I was stumped…

Captivated! by Moose’s Magnum Opus of Wildlife Photography

There is no more accomplished photographer of North American wildlife than Moose Peterson.