August 2011

One Card To Rule Them All? 64GB SDXC Card Deal

SD cards are not only breathing down the neck of their larger CompactFlash siblings, but they are now available in similar huge capacities and at astonishingly low prices.

Back To The Future With The Olympus E-P3 PEN Camera (“Olympus PEN 3”)

805173In a market with literally hundreds of models of cameras to chose from the Olympus PEN cameras have made a name for themselves with a unique blend of old and new. The Olympus E-P3 (PEN 3) is no exception—pushing the envelope of retro metal design in one direction while beefing up its speed to the fastest in its class. There is a lot to love about the PEN 3 as a compact camera, especially street photographers, so I was delighted to take one for an extended field test covering a wide variety of shooting situations…

Wind? Don’t Let It Spoil Your Macro Fun!

pl_oregano_0003All macro photographers know wind as their number one enemy. While poor light can be coddled and shaped with flash and reflectors wind is more recalcitrant. Sure you can freeze a stem or two with a Plamp or line your friends up as a wind break but if there is enough of a breeze there is no way to get both the depth of field (small aperture) and frozen motion (high shutter speed) at the same time. That’s what happened to me when I was out in our relatives’ vegetable garden attempting to test out my review Olympus E-P3 PEN camera (aka Olympus PEN 3) and avoiding the work of berry picking. But that didn’t mean the fun had to stop…