December 2012


Canon PowerShot S100 for $249: Maybe the best point and shoot value ever!

B&H has just dropped the price on the excellent to $249. This is about half of the camera’s original price, and $60 less than the bargain price I paid for one just last month. Personally, I prefer it to the much more expensive because it has built-in GPS (and is much less expensive as well). If you don’t know what to get for a last minute Holiday gift, this is a no-brainer. I’m tempted to buy another one “just in case.” . -- With B&H's FREE Overnight Shipping, you can even have it for Christmas at that price.

Instagram users wake-up and find there is no free lunch at Facebook–act surprised

The Instagram user community is buzzing this week about its new Terms of Service, which clearly grant Facebook, Instagram’s new owners, the right to use your images just about how ever it wants. Apparently this is shocking to many. To others of us, it is another “you get what you pay for” example of how economics works. For access to a kind-of-cool set of image filters for free, and nearly unlimited photo sharing for free, you would expect there to be a catch. The catch is ads, and “monetization” of the content. Facebook didn’t spend $1 billion for Instagram just so its users could provide sepia versions of their profile photos.

Amazing deal on Nikon D600: Order one and get the new 24-85mm lens for free

Only two months after launch, there is a crazy deal on the from B&H. For the same (slightly discounted) $2K price of the camera body only, you can now get . This is the same combo that I paid $600 more for just recently. I’d look back with some regret at that, except that I loved using it on our just-finished African photo safari, where it logged nearly 10K frames.

A Lion’s tail tale

On our just finished photo safari to Botswana, we were treated to the delightful sighting of a pair of 5-week-old lion cubs – seen up close for the first time – just learning to romp, and to interact with other lions. As you can see from this photo, one of the cubs was still a little long on curiosity and short on manners. Tiring of playing with sticks, he noticed the twitching tail of a much larger sub-adult male nearby, and decided to give it a go….