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September 11: Nikon releases new versions of its free image browsers: Nikon View NX () and (), Nikon Transfer () and (). PictureProject users can use the Export utility () or () to move to a new program such as ViewNX or .

September 6: Sony introduces new A700 D-SLR. 12.2MP with advanced Noise Reduction.

September 5: Bibble releases 4.9.8e, Adds support for Canon 40D, including sRaw and Tethering, Pentax K100D Super andFujifilm FinePix E550, plus bug-fixes. .

September 2: . (From IFA Berlin, shot as TIFF & resized)

August 29: Nikon tops JD Power Customer Satisfaction Survey of SLR Owners: Nikon scored an impressive 822 out of 1000, leading Sony with 793 and Canon with 788. .

Take advantage of ordering the PS CS3 upgrade for the discounted price of $196.99 for either the or the. If you need the full product it is $642.99 for the or the .

August 23: Nikon announces the Nikon D3 [12.1MP (FX) Fullframe, 9-11fps, Nikon D300 [12MP DX] Both cameras feature a unique Liveview that can focus while viewing, 51-point AF and 14-bit A/D output. The D300 will sell for about $1800 and the D3 for about $5000. Both cameras are expected to be available in November. Nikon also introduced VR versions of the 400f/2.8, 500f/4 and 600f/4 lenses as well as new 14-24mm f/2.8G & 24-70 f/2.8G pro series lenses. Read the or the and then

August 20: Canon announces the EOS 1Ds Mark III (21.1MP for $7999), EOS 40D to compete with Nikon D200. (10.1MP@6.5fps for $1300), and the Powershot G9 for $499. You can Read the Details: , , .

August 10: DPS 5-06: .

August 9: Nikon releases Capture NX 1.2 Update. Performance improvements and bug fixes. Available for and .

July 31: Canon

July 27: Epson is updating their wide format printers with the Epson Stylus Pro 4880, 7880, and 9880, featuring new Magenta Ink (improved gamut), new screening algorithm, Improved Printheads (to reduce clogging), standard Ethernet & 16-bit Mac OS drivers for upcoming Leopard. The printers will be available in September with MSRPs of $1995 for the 4880, $2995 for the 7880 and $4995 for the 9880. The new printers however, do not remove the need to switch cartridges when switching paper types, so personally I'm keeping my Epson 4000 for now!

July 26: Canon 1D Mark III Update: Canon is which fixes several issues, but , it doesn't address the main AF shortcomings reported so far. Canon's Chuck Westfall takes the issue seriously and Canon has an ongoing plan to identify and resolve the open issues.

July 4: . Plenty of interesting tips for wildlife photography plus our perspectives on why (or why not) camera buyers should consider a D-SLR instead of a point and shoot for their next camera. Plus .

June 27: Adobe releases Lightroom 1.1 update: . Some users have reported needing to restore their library from backup after upgrading, so make sure you have backups before starting.

June 26: Across the board the new Canon 1D Mark III is getting except for a potentially severe Autofocus issue . We're sure Canon will be quick to address the issue, but how does this make you feel about being an early adopter of new products? Let us know in our !

May 31: DigitalPro Shooter 5-04: Adobe Camera Raw 4.1 First Look and Gitzo "Systematic" Tripods, a Field Report

May 29: Adobe Announces Camera Raw 4.1, with support for 13 new cameras including: Nikon D40X, Canon 1D Mark III, Fuji S5 Pro and Sigma SD14. Expected to be available on through Photoshop Update by the end of the week. Lightroom update to follow.

May 9:

May 7: Canon releases. The update fixes lens information and Speedlite connectivity.

April 26: Burma: From From Buddha to Orwell, lessons we can learn, plus First Look at Adobe Photoshop CS3 & Dreamwaver CS3 are now . Learn about one of the world's most isolated and mysterious countries, plus quick takes on whether you should be rushing to upgrade your Adobe products.

April 23: Rob Galbraith Loves the Canon 1D Mark III pre-production version in his --although he does warn of a problem in the all new AF system. This new 10MP 10fps beast definitely puts pressure on the much rumored Nikon D3H expected by many to be announced within a month or two for delivery later this year.

April 5: . It let's Vista's Photo Gallery view and tag Canon CR2 images. Note: The codec does not support CRW files, so only newer Canon D-SLR images are supported. Other codecs available are the , and an .

April 2: It's no April Fool's joke for frequent travelers, but it's no surprise either. For the 3rd straight year airline quality has gone down, as measured in the Airline Quality Review. The airline I love to hate more than any other, United, led the pack down. .

March 28: . or . From using the beta we're convinced you'll want to upgrade for the new Camera Raw version and Smart Filters even if you don't need any of the other new features. Adobe has also released pricing & features for 6 different versions of their (Design Premium & Standard, Web Premium & Standard, a Video Suite, and a Suite of Suites called Master Collection).

March 20: PhotoRescue 3 is now available--the world's best image recovery program is better than ever, with a new Wizard interface, a single license for both Mac & PC versions, native Intel support for Mac users, improved Movie recovery and no copy protection. Upgrades are free for purchasers/renewers within the last year, otherwise .

March 8: Adobe adds "Extended Edition" to CS3: The new EE version will add 3-D, motion and scientific capabilities to the traditional "Base Edition" of CS3, presumably with a hefty price tag. Perhaps a good nickname for the product would be the "CSI Edition."

March 8: Hybrid Drives Announced, Too Good to be True? Samsung & Seagate have announced new notebook drives containing a Flash RAM cache. The drives work with Vista's hybrid features and Samsung says they will "offers up to a 50 percent reduction in boot and resume times from traditional magnetic . In addition, the drive consumes 70-90 percent less power than a traditional hard drive, which extends the battery life by 30 minutes before a recharge is needed." Clearly if those claims are true they will be in big demand! Samsung has begun OEM shipments with retail sales expected soon.

March 7: Nikon , first announced in February 2006 as a planned image management product, citing market conditions. Instead they say they will release a different free replacement for Nikon View sometime later this year.

March 6: Nikon D40X adds Resolution (10.2MP), Speed (3fps) and improved battery life to the popular D40. For those who want the smallest high-performance D-SLR on the market, the D40X is likely to do the job with flair! At $729 for the camera or $799 with lens it's a good deal although clearly not a bargain basement offering. It is expected to be available in April.

March 6: Nikon announces 55-200mm DX f/4-f/5.6 AF-S VR lens--designed to emulate the very popular 70-300 "effective focal length" for entry level D-SLRs, with an expected price of $249 when it is available in April.

March 5: Adobe Creative Suite 3 (CS3) is inching closer. Adobe , with feature & configuration details. But it won't ship until "later in Spring." So for now you can keep pluggin along with CS2 or the CS3 beta (free to CS2 users).

March 1: Photoshop for Free? Adobe is set to release a slimmed-down online version of Photoshop for free this fall to compete with Google's Picasa and other offerings which have eaten holes into the image processing software market. .

March 1: Deals to be had at CompUSA: They are closing 126 stores, so if you're favorite location is no longer listed on their site it's likely to be having a major liquidation sale either now or over the coming month or two--only advertised in local papers, not on their site. .

March 1: Vista Raw file News: Nikon releases a fix (v1.0.1) for their Vista Codec to address the problem it had with meta-data. . Microsoft also warns Vista users not to tag Canon Raw files with Vista until Canon releases a Raw Codec.

February 27: plus event udates, new DigitalPro tutorials and an introduction to our new website sponsor, Lensbabies.

February 27: Worried about taking your photo library on the road with you? LaCie introduces a secure hard drive--featuring an integrated fingerprint reader for security. Very clever, but does it work? .

February 23: Lexar sets new speed records with 300x CF cards, coupled with a 45MB+/sec UDMA-based Firewire 800 reader.

February 22: Canon sets a new standard with 10fps 10MP 1D Mark III. Expected to be available in April. Wow! . This is clearly a camera to be jealous of. .

February 20: For those hooked on the beta of Lightroom, Adobe has released the final version of 1.0 with an of $200 (going to $300 later this Spring).

February 15: Nikon Releases Capture NX 1.1: Adds support for Windows Vista & Intel-based Macs. Palettes can be resized and various performance issues are addressed. Download the USA updater for and . Canada updater download for and .

February 5: ExtremeTech shows that Vista Upgrades perform as well as clean installs, but up to 10% slower than Windows XP on the same hardware. .

January 26: Moose Peterson & Pro Shooters have released a set of online training videos for DigitalPro for Windows image management software. They'll take you through Moose's entire workflow including customizing DigitalPro, image review, filing, submission and finishing using Capture NX. You can find them at the and at .

January 26: Nikon releases first Raw codec for Windows Vista, allows integrated viewing of NEF files within Vista's Photo Gallery. .

January 24: Stranded travelers fight back. Passengers stuck on the tarmac for 8 hours recently have started fighting back by forming a coalition to urge Congress to pass a Passengers' Bill of Rights and other protective legislation for airline travelers. If you're interested in their experiences or want to voice your opinion one way or the other, you can or compare photo travel strategies with the other frequent photo travelers in the travel thread in our here in our forums.

January 17: Nikon shooters all agree that Capture NX is a powerful new tool, but not all agree on whether it is easy to learn. Jason Odell has an updated eBook , which might be just what you need.

January 10, 2007:

January 7, 2007: Panasonic raises the bar on SD cards, with its new "6 speed" series, capable of 20MB/sec burst write speeds and capacities of 16GB by later this year.

January 2, 2007: Delkin will be shipping its revolutionary new SensorScope this month. the device allows you to more carefully examine any D-SLR sensor for dust.