Think Tank Improves on a Nearly Perfect Belt System–Skin Set Review Updated

Skin-Set-3When I first reviewed Think Tank Photo’s Skin Set belt system I was really excited to find it was the first useable belt system for my work. With locking yet modular pouches it is almost infinitely flexible. The only drawback was the fixed length of the belt. Besides being a problem for those like me whose waist size fluctuates (I know I’m not the only one!) I found myself wanting to adjust it depending on the clothing I was wearing (to put it outside a jacket in cold weather for example) and wasn’t able to. I’m happy to report I just received one of their new “2.0” belts with a very simple and useable adjustment mechanism. Now the system is just about perfect. With the Skin 75 pop-down I can stash an entire 70-200mm f/2.8 with or without hood in one of the pockets and my Infrared converted D70 in another while a strobe or water bottle can live in a third. The smaller “front” pouches are perfect for filters or other small items and the optional quiet flaps are helpful for indoor events. Whether or not you’ve got the original system I highly recommend at least upgrading to the new belt. Use our Affiliate Link to Think Tank and get a free bag with your order!

My Original Review of the first Skin Set Follows:

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ThinkTank Skin Set: A new belt & pouch system from ThinkTank. I used one of these for the first time in Death Valley and it was perfect for wandering around the canyons with an extra camera (my IR converted D70), my flash, a wide-angle lens, bottle of water and sat phone. You can of course configure it for more (although it becomes a lot to carry around your waist) or less but the belt is about as comfortable as possible and the pouches are well designed. It is a valuable alternative for when you don't want or need to try to work out of a full backpack (not many of us like to set a backpack down in the sand either). Interestingly I ran into Walt Anderson on the dunes (inventor of the Better Beamer & Ground Pod) using exactly the same setup. If you use this special link to shop at ThinkTank you'll receive a free bag with your purchase!