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Congratulations to James Gosling for receiving a Computer History Museum 2019 Fellow Award (and for being a great guy). Well deserved!
8 months 4 weeks ago
A new piece on the evolution, use, and challenges of multiple camera modules in smartphones:
9 months 7 hours ago
. has looked closely at the benefits and challenges of multi-camera smartphones for
9 months 8 hours ago
Have been experimenting with Adobe's new Enhance Details RAW demosaicing tool. So far the difference between that a…
9 months 1 week ago
9 months 1 week ago
Valentine's Day Special on our Alaska Bear & Puffin Photo Safari in July. We've got two openings for our July 9-15…
9 months 1 week ago
Looking forward to tomorrow's release of our good super-smart friend Roger McNamee's book about Facebook, the probl…
9 months 2 weeks ago
I'm working on a (short) article that tries to explain the basics of quantum computing to "laypeople." Any of my fr…
9 months 3 weeks ago
I can't believe it took me this long to visit the Valley of Fire in Nevada, but I'm sure glad I did. It was a quick…
10 months 3 days ago
Autonomous vehicle efforts (or at least many of them) had a different, more practical, feel at CES this year:…
10 months 1 week ago
VIdeo from a Mavic 2 Pro in 4K showing a freight train doing a "540" (almost like a snake eating its tail) while tr…
10 months 2 weeks ago
Freight train on the Tehachapi Loop from the air: via
10 months 2 weeks ago
I added a video to a playlist Freight train on the Tehachapi Loop from the air
10 months 2 weeks ago
As part of working on an article on mobile photo workflow, I've been carrying both a Google Pixel 3 and a Huawei Ma…
10 months 3 weeks ago
photography is one of the fastest growing, and most fun, new types of photography. Check out this article by…
10 months 4 weeks ago